This page contains information about people’s Alcans, Alwests and other marques that may exist. If you are an owner, please contact me with information about your boat, pictures, other useful information. I will be happy to publish contact information if you desire, but will be equally happy to maintain your privacy.

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Vessel Registry

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Model: Alcan 370
Home Port: Frenchman’s Bay, Pickering, Ontario
Model: Alwest 370
Home Port: Powell River, British Columbia
B…F…B…. (Brooke Family Boat) or whatever
Model: 1973 Sea Villa 420
Owners: John Brooke and Sandi Knapp
Home Port: Britt, Ontario
Model: 1972 Sea Villa 420
Owner: Jeff Ellison
Home Port: Alexandria Bay, New York
Model: 1971 Alwest 370
Owners: David Pearson and Bonnie Lindsay
Home Port: Portland, Ontario
Cadoruca III
Model: 197(?) Alloy Manufacturing 38
Owner: Stephen and Wendy Cyr
Home Port: Presqu’ile Landing, Brighton, Ontario
Model: 1971 Sea Villa
Owner: Tom and Christine Leslie
Home Port: Albany Marine Service. Colonie NY, Mohawk River
Catherine Ann
Model: 1972 Alwest 370
Owner: Rob Farrow and Catherine Vandenbelt
Home Port: Trident Yacht Club, Gananoque, Ontario
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owners: Patrick & Lorraine Frampton
Home Port: Richmond, B.C.
Model: 1973 Alwest 370
Owner: Bill Skinner
Home Port: Vancouver, B.C.
Fiji Girl
Model: 1973 Sea Villa 32
Owner: Dean and Teresia Waisman
Home Port: Vancouver, B.C.
First Date
Model: 1970 Alcan 370
Owner: Gene Beuthien and Laura Doliner
Home Port: Merrickville, Ontario
Model: 1973 Alloy 32
Owner: Patrick Choquet and Nathalie Garand
Home Port: Lake Champlain, Vermont
Model: 1967 Alcan 370
Owner: Sheila Hurtubise
Home Port: Stoney Lake, Ontario
No Picture Available
Georgina Marie
Model: 1972 Alwest 370
Owner: Wayne Lawrence and Ellen Jefferson
Home Port: Holland Landing, Ontario
Husky Duck
Model: 1973 Alwest 370
Owner: Reid and Susan Hayes
Home Port: Picton, Ontario
Joint Custody
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owners: Doug Culham and Maureen McPhee
Home Port: Rockport, ON
Knot Much
Model: Alcan 290
Owner: Bruce and April Carlson
Home Port: Bar Harbor, ME
Lady D
Model: 1969 Alcan 290
Owner: Rick and Donna Packer
Home Port: Moose Deer Point Marina, Ontario
Le Batelier
Model: 1976 Alloy Sports Patrol 38
Le ClairVon
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owner: Yvon Leroux and Claire Quirion
Home Port: St. Zotique, Quebec
Model: 1972 Alloy Sea Villa 28
Owner: David Gibson
Home Port: Dows Lake, Ottawa, Ontario
Model: 1970 Alcan 370
Owner: Robert Stopford
Home Port: Windsor, Ontario
Little Blue Whale
Model: 1968 Alcan 290
Owner: Robert Stork
Home Port: Toronto Island Marina, Toronto, Ontario
Model: Alcan 370
Owners: Bill Woodall
Home Port: Ladner, B.C.
Model: 1974 Chimo
Owners: Carl and Anna Hassa
Home Port: Reed Point Marina, Port Moody, BC
Low Risk
Model: 1971 Alwest 370
Owners: Ron and Wendy
Home Port: Port Credit, Ontario
MasterCard III
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owners: Terry and Cindy Robb
Home Port: Harwood on Rice Lake, Ontario
Model: 1973 Alwest 370
Owners: Jim White and Susan Phillips
Home port: Clearwater Bay – Lake of the Woods
Model: 1971 Alcan 370
Owners: Bill Axelgard and Ollie Boy
Home Port: Lake Powell Arizona
Model: Alwest – custom dive boat
Owner: Wayne Green
Home Port: Rockport, ON
Model: 197? Alwest 370
Rio Parana
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owners: Gary and Cara Pye
Home Port: Belleville, Ontario
Sass Sea
Model: 1972 Sea Villa 320
Owners: Bert and Rosaline Bergen
Home Port: Sturgeon Lake, Ontario
Sea Bed
Model: 1971 Alcan 370
Owners: Grant and Hillary Clark
Home Port: Port Orchard, Washington
Model: 1970 Alcan 370
Owner: Gaetan Dumais and Jo-Ann Wilkins
Home Port: Morrisburg, Ontario

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Seaside Snuggle
Model: Sea Villa 32
Owner: Dan and Gail Cormier
Home port: Shediac, New Brunswick
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Home Port: St Hilare, Quebec
Model: 1972 Alwest
Owners: Bruce Kerr
Home Port: Vancouver, B.C.
Syndrome photo 2
Model: 1976 Alwest
Owners: Earl and Bob Lowe
Home Port: Campbell River, B.C.
The Islander
Model: 1969 Alcan 370
Owner: Joe Foster
Home Port: Grant, Florida
Model: Sea Villa 30
Home port: Nanaimo, B.C.
Whatever Eh
Model: Alloy 32O
wner: Richard and Nancy Hofford
Home Port: Belleville, Ontario