The Alcan/Alwest/Alloy boat owners in the Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec are developing a tradition of an annual get-together.  The event has moved around from year to year and people have come and gone, but it is generally a good time to get together and see other people’s boats and show off your own.   The event is typically held the 3rd weekend in August.  We try to establish a rough destination a year in advance so people can plan their boat trips if necessary.  Details firm up closer to the date when we can start to make reservations.

2017 Rendezvous

For 2017, we will be enjoying Ottawa, Ontario.

Date:  August 19-20, 2017

Time:  Starting at 12:00 on Saturday

Location:  Ottawa, ON

This year we will take advantage of Canada’s 150th birthday and enjoy the services of the Rideau Canal and docks around Ottawa.  We will organize around the docks set up around the fringe of Dows lake in Ottawa.


The rendezvous will kick-off at noon on Saturday with a pot-luck BBQ lunch.  Buster will provide the traditional sausages and buns and condiments.  Please bring along a snack, salad, or side dish to share.

We will take the opportunity to poke around each other’s boats and see what people have done to make their cruising easier or more comfortable.  Saturday afternoon, we will arrange a cruise with as many Alcan boats as we can and get them all together for an Alcan group photo or two.

We will plan a restaurant dinner on Saturday evening.  This plan could change based on the mooring situation.  If we need to we will do a quick run into town to pull together a dinner out in the islands and will ferry land-based guests in one of the boats.


Previous Years

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Rendezvous 2014 – Britt, Ontario

Rendezvous 2013 – Prinyers Cove

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Rendezvous 2011 – Cancelled

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