Information on the models has been corrected thanks to input from a number of sources. Note the addition of the Sea Villa 30 and the change of brand for the 32. It appears that the 32 was never manufactured under the Alcan name.

Through the 6 or 7 years the boats were produced, the models evolved slightly. The following is the list that I am currently aware of. If you can supply information, pictures, scans of brochures or such, please contact me at

Model Production Years Number Produced Sample Picture Documents
Alcan 290 1968-1969 50 Brochure – Alcan 290
Sea Villa 300 1971-? ? Datasheet – Sea Villa 300
Sea Villa 320 1971-? ~50
Alcan 370 1969-1970 ~100 Brochure – Alcan 370
Datasheet – Alcan 370
Alwest 370 1970 – 1973 ~150 P1, P2, P3, P4
Alwest Chimo 1974 ? -
Alloy Sports Patrol 38 1971-? ? Brochure – Sports Patrol 38
Sea Villa 400 1971-? ? Sea_Villa_400_s  P1, P2
Sea Raider 42 ? ? SeaRaider42_l Brochure -Sea Raider 42

Based on the evidence seen so far, it appears that the total production of these boats is around 300 units or around 20 to 50 per year. As we obtain additional facts and figures, we will publish specific numbers produced. I am also hoping to build up the owners registry to the point where we have a good number of these boats tracked.

If anyone has more accurate information about the early boats or about total production volumes, please send me a note. I would love to have the authoritative information about these boats.

Alcan 290

Length: 29′


Power: Single V-8 or twin I-4 gas


The Alcan 290 appears to be the first model produced. The 290 is substantially different from other models in that it had a cathedral hull. This gave it more volume towards the bow of the boat for storage. It also gave it more deck space forward to allow the pilothouse to extend forward for more interior space while still permitting walk-round to access the forward deck.

Sea Villa 300

Length: 30′

Beam: 11′ 11″

Power: Single I-6 or V-8, or Twin I-4


The Sea Villa 30 appears to have been a later model manufactured by Alloy Manufacturing of Montreal. It uses the superstructure from the Alcan 290, but replaces the cathedral hull with a V-Hull with lines very similar to the larger 370.

Sea Villa 320

Length: 32′

Beam: 11′ 11″

Power: Single V-8, ?


The Sea Villa 320 was a re-design of the Sea Villa 30. The same V-Hull is stretched 2 feet, but the superstructure is completely re-designed and has a layout similar to the 370, giving up space in the galley, head and hanging locker.

Alcan 370

Length: 37′ 6″

Beam: 11′ 11″

Power: Twin OMC V-6 gas, Twin Volvo-Penta I-6 gas, Twin Volvo-Penta D-29 Diesel


The Alcan 370 appears to be the best constructed of the models produced. The Alcan-labeled 370’s were made almost entirely of aluminum. The hull and superstructure were welded aluminum construction, and much of the interior structure was aluminum. The Alcan 370’s have a level deck that is set fairly low in the hull. There is a large volume of storage available under the raised pilot-house extended forward to the bow. The storage can typically be accessed through hatches in the floor of the pilot-house and the forward deck.

Alwest 370

Length: 37′ 6″

Beam: 11′ 11″

Power: Single Mercruiser V-8 gas or Twin Volvo-Penta I-6 gas


The Alwest 370 was similar in many ways to the Alcan 370. There were minor design changes that were probably implemented to reduce the cost of production. Where the Alcan 370 was made up almost entirely of “dimensional” aluminum products (tube and sheet), the Alwest design moved towards custom extrusions for some of its construction. The Alwest-produced boats also switched to wood construction for the superstructure, probably to reduce material costs, but also because there would have been a greater number of carpenters and cabinet-makers available in Gimli than workers able to deal with complex aluminum construction.

Sea Villa 400

Length: 42′

Beam: 11′ 11″

Power: Twin V-8 gas


I originally published this model as the Sea Villa 420. However, I have since received a brochure for the boat and understand it was marketed as the Sea Villa 400. The Sea Villa 400 appears to be the longest production version of the line. The hull had the same 12′ beam and construction as early Alcans. As per later boats from Alloy Manufacturing, the superstructure was molded fiberglass with plywood backing.

Sea Raider 42

Not exactly a Housecruiser, but made by the folks at Alloy Manufacturing.  The styling is more Trawler-like, including the switch to displacement hull to be powered by smaller diesel engines.


Alloy models

When Alloy Manufacturing lost the contract to build boats for Alcan, they had a few unfinished boats left in their yard, where they were finished and sold, or sold as unfinished hulls for the owner to finish. You see these boats around, mostly in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence area. Mostly they have little in the way of markings that identify them as Alloy, but the shape and aluminum construction are recognizable. One of these boats is Cadoruca III. If you have knowledge of these boats or can fill in any of the missing information on the boats shown above, please contact me at


I have been contacted by someone who has history with the Alloy Manufacturing boatyard from this period.  He has provided some additional information and sent me a few pictures of other boats that were made around the same time.