Captain: David Gibson

Crew: employees from bikedump.com

Brand: Alloy

Model: Sea Villa 28

Year 1972 (or 73)

Hull Identification Number: not found

Registration: 86E5612

Province of registration: Ontario

Home port: Dows Lake, Ottawa, Ontario

Engine: Single Chevy 305 cu.in. (2003)

Stern drive: VOLVO Dou-prop I/O (2004)

Steering x 2 2006- Teleflex hydraulic

Generator: Honda

Purchased from the estate of Captain Jack Hearn of Westport Ontario, in 2005. The hull had filled with water and was left. The rot was throughout and everything had to be removed. Rebuilding took 7 years with the expertise of master carpenter Dan Smith of Manotick station. The upper sleeping cabin and wing design, the bracing and replacement of the roof coming together through many different transformations. Colours where changed, hand rails and super-structure welded. The interior was changed to open concept and the steering, controls, dash upper & lower, fuse panels, wiring, propane and gas sniffers, 3 air conditioners, stereo/radios, lights, and inverters, where installed, and the furnishings where customized around them to make a comfortable living space.

All in preparation for a voyage through the north-west passage, great Canadian north maybe?

When I was cleaning out the boat rot in 2005 I found an old wooden chart box with a ownership glued to the back. It said ‘Alcan’ 1972- 28 foot, single screw. This was from the original owner from rice lake ont. before Jack purchased it [I think]. The box disappeared.