Model: 1969 Alcan 370

Owners: Patrick & Lorraine Frampton

Home Port:  Richmond, B.C.


In 1997 we did a full twin engine re-power, going from twin 307 chevy V8 engines with OMC (OH MY CHRIST) stern drives with electric shifts to brand new Mercruiser twin 4.3 LX V6 engines with Bravo II stern drives, spinning 17 x 21 stainless steel props.  We have hydraulic steering with power assist off of the starboard
engine.  We cruise at 17 – 18 knots and WOT at over 30 knots.

Exterior Re-finishing

In 2005 we had the hull taken down to bare metal. That was a fun job and one I tried to do differently. I found a mobile company who did power blasting the eco way. Since sand is very messy and 99% of the marinas don’t allow it, these guys use one of three types of material: dry ice, walnut shells or baking soda. Each one is used on different types of material to be cleaned, and I was told baking soda was the best for aluminum. Because the marina had never heard of this type of blasting and the fact that clean up would be easy and eco-friendly, they let me do it as a try out. The operator uses a high powered pressure hose with water and baking soda and as water dissolves the baking soda, clean up was a piece of cake. The hull was cleaned right down to bare metal and afterwards they also did a barrier coat and then 4 coats of anti-fouling. I was smart this time, I had them get two colours of anti-fouling paint for aluminum hulls, red and black. They used the red first and then the black, so after awhile when I start see red show through, it’s time to re-apply the black.

Interior work

In 2005 we had the cushions re-covered and re-foamed with Sunbrella fabric. Along with that upgrade we completely gutted the galley and replaced everything with a new IKEA kitchen. We also replaced the sink from a 4″ deep by 8″ x 6″ one to a 8″ deep by 12″ x 16″ one. Small sinks really suck. The faucet was upgraded to a Delta two piece unit and I got rid of all the copper plumbing in the boat and replaced it with Pex plumbing and fixtures. Each faucet has a stainless steel flex hose to it with an on/ off valve.

In 2006 we put real mahogany hard wood floors down in the main area around the galley and dinette. It looks fantastic! We plan on replacing some of the wood walls with a Formica material