The Islander

Captain: Joe Foster

First Mate: Tyler Foster

Brand: Alcan

Model Year: 1969

Model: 370

Hull Number: FLZH8684E769

Vessel Name: The Islander (was Good Time Annie)

Registration State: Florida

Registration: FL8991EW

Home Port: Grant, Florida

Engines: Twin Volvo 170hp

Sterndrives: AQ250

Cruise: 17 mph

Top Speed: 23 mph

Generator: Kohler 7.3 kw (2005)




Purchased this boat in early 2007. I have began the complete remodel on this boat. Engines have been pulled and are being completely rebuilt and converted to fresh water cooling. When I purchased the boat a folder was found containing 25-30 “D” size original Alcan manufacturing blue prints for all dimensions of the boat including, hull design, structural, plumbing, railings, cabin, electrical and more.

Mates Tyler and Justin

September 2007, we officially decided to name the boat “The Islander”.  The name is inspired by our home on Grant Island (