Rendezvous 2008

2008 Rendezvous

The 2008 rendezvous was a big success despite the lack of planning and short notice.  Towards the end of July there were grumblings in the Forum about the rendezvous.  So we hastily planned on the weekend of August 16/17 and decided once again on Gananoque as the base of operations.  This year saw the return of Buster and Catherine Ann and added Joint Custody and Whatever Eh.  We had three crews drive in from other parts of Ontario which made for a nice crowd of people with plenty to chat about.  Of course, it took me so long to get to this report, that I can’t remember any of the details.

This year there were lots of pictures, including contributions from several participants.  I haven’t tried to include them all here, but I have uploaded them to the photo album here.

Friday – August 15, 2008

Buster left Brockville Friday afternoon and headed to Adelaide Island at the east end of Grenadier Island near Mallory Town Landing.  We stayed the evening there to make our cruise to Gananoque a little more relaxed Saturday AM.

Saturday – August 16, 2008

We left Adelaide Saturday morning under sunny skys and a light chop.  We cruised around Grenadier Island and through the small-craft channel by Hill Island.  As we approached Gananoque Narrows we spotted a familiar looking boat in a familiar spot.  This was the Alcan 290 “Quality Time” (I think the full name of the boat is “Quality Time on the Luna Lea”).  We pulled up and said hello to the owners.  We invited them to the rendezvous, but they were in the middle of doing some work on the boat.  Maybe next year.

We proceed through Gananoque Narrows and came upon Joint Custody making her way towards Gananoque.  We carried on to find a spot at the public docks in the Gananoque harbour.  I can’t remember what order everybody arrived, but within almost no time, there were three boats and another three crews enjoying each other’s company.

Day one boat attendance.

Day one included Buster, Joint Custody and Whatever Eh and had the crews of MasterCard III, Low Risk and Sioux.

We continued the tradition of eating.  Much to our surprise, the Govans had brought a cake to share.  somehow we managed to cut into it before getting a picture, but you can still read it.

The 2008 Alcan Rendezvous Cake.

Mid afternoon we made plans for a cruise and dinner in the islands.  The crew of Joint Custody made their way back to their nearby home port for the evening.  So, we had a raft of Buster and Whatever Eh along with the crews of the Low Risk, MasterCard III, and Sioux.

Dinner at Anchor

Sunday – August 17, 2008

Sunday saw the return of Joint Custody and the addition of Catherine Ann.  We once again made use of the public dock facilities at Gananoque.

Day 2 Boat Attendance

The way the boats were rafted, it would have taken a helicopter to get one picture with all four boats.

The Gang

From left to right, Bonnie, Nancy, Ruth, Brian, Rob, Rick, Frank, Deb, Cathy, David.

We should have done the same thing Saturday, as the crews of MasterCard III and Low Risk had headed home Saturday evening.  Next year, we will appoint an official photographer.

Sunday, mid-afternoon the weather started looking a little grey, so we opted to head for home.  Thanks to everyone who came and made the 2008 Rendezvous a huge success.  Looking forward to next year.