This page contain manuals for the various pieces of equipment that came with the Alcan/Alwest boats.

Onan MCCK Generator

Most Alcan/Alwest boats were originally equipped with a 6.5KW Onan generator.  These generators are under-stressed and should last a very long time.  However, the poor quality wiring, weak ignition and quirky starting are all part of the experience.  The link below is the Operators Manual and Parts Catalog.  It includes very detailed installation and service information.

Operators Manual – Onan MCCK Series


Dometic 3-Way Fridges

Some of the Alcan/Alwest boats were equipped with a Dometic RM360 3-Way (12VDC/120VAC/Propane) fridge.  They were typically connected to the 12VDC and 120VAC wiring, but not supplied with propane.  These evaporative fridges are quite inefficient when run on electricity, but the opportunity to run on propane could permit extended stays at anchor without need for electricity.  The links below provide some technical information about these fridges.

Installation and Operating Instructions – Dometic 3-Way Fridges

Spare Parts List – Dometic RM360


Princess Stove

Most Alcans and Alwests appear to have been shipped with the “Electric Cruise Package”.  This included a generator (It appears that the 6.5KW Onan was common), a Princess electric stove, electric Fridge and electric water heater.  There was an option to have propane heating/cooking but I have yet to see a boat with this equipment.  If you have an Alcan or Alwest with this equipment I would be interested to hear from you with a description and maybe some pictures or scans of manuals.  Thanks to Terry Robb for the scans of the Princess electric stove.

Installation Manual – Princess Model 33


Volvo Penta AQ170 Engines

The majority of Alcan boats were equipped with Volvo Penta Aquamatic engine/sterndrive packages.  The most common engine was a carburetor equipped 170HP inline-6 of Volvo automotive origin.  The robustness of the engine is evidenced by the number of boats still using them 40 years later.  By now, most have undergone some sort of rebuild, but they could have many more years of serviceable life if properly maintained.  The link below is the complete Volvo Penta workshop manual for the A through C series of engines ranging from 105 to 170HP.

Workshop Manual – Volvo Penta – AQ105 to AQ170ABC


Volvo Penta Aquamatic Stern Drive

The Volvo Penta engines were typically mated to a Volvo Penta Aquamatic stern drive.  As with the engines, the majority of Volvo Penta stern drives are still in service today.  Maintenance tasks range in complexity.  The link below is the Volvo Penta workshop manual for the AQ270C stern drive.

Workshop Manual – Volvo Penta – Aquamatic 270C